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Who are we?

JNAMNAB is made up of three friends all born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Naomi, Alexis, and Jenae have a fascination with all things creepy. NAMNAB has become a place to indulge our interests in true crime, paranormal cases, and conspiracy theories with the occasional rant thrown in. We are professionals in our fields with extensive educations that allow us to deep dive into questions surrounding mental health, public health, and social justice issues in many cases that have only been approached in speculative lights by some others.

This is a queer, AFAB, POC podcast. We stand with BLM and indigenous folx and will NOT tolerate sexism, racism, transphobia, anti-semitism, and hatred of any kind that harms or targets marginalized individuals.




Naomi (They/Them)

An artist and writer educated in mental health counseling and is a case manager in the human services field. Their specialties are historical cases, serial killers, paranormal and urban legends.


Jenae (She/Her) (They/Them)

Educated in the human services, social work, and mental health counseling with extensive work in the field. their specific fascinations lie in cults, kidnappings, unsolved cases, and government conspiracies.

Alexis (She/Her)

Works with college students and is studying to enter the medical field, she also loves to study and learn languages. Her specialties are conspiracy theory, historical, and horror cases. 


Our cat cohost: the Screaming Boy

Photography by @dear_arden


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