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Book Club

Want to join a book club but your tastes are a little too macabre for your neighborhood wine-sipping soccer moms?

Join ours!


Here is a small library of crime novels we at NAMNAB are reading and mention in the podcast time to time. Not sure where to start? Read our totally professional and official book reviews!


I'll Be gone in the dark

Michelle McNamara

Jenae's current read! She can't put it down so look forward to review soon!


Harold Schechter

This read was helpful in the recording of episode 3 on Ed Gein, the author is considered one of the leading experts on Ed Gein and is an accomplished author of novels on serial killers. It was fascinating to read about Ed's history in such a narrative way and Schechter's descriptive writing provides breath taking visuals in your mind. Naomi would recommend this book to anyone interested in this case or who is obsessed in it like they are.


Serial Killers: adult Coloring Book

K. Schroeder

More of a fun recommendation from Naomi, the paper quality  is better than most coloring books and each page features some of the most well known serial killers in history as well as aspects from each of their cases that true crime junkies are sure to have fun with! This coloring book is also fun for those who are learning about true crime and makes a great gift!

Death in the Air

Kate Winkler Dawson

Naomi's current read! A fascinating look into a serial killer that attacks citizens of a London that is still recovering from World War II. Most interesting of all, he does so under the cover of a thick, suffocating smog that is also killing the public. It is a thriller that we look forward to completing!

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