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Nostalgia: Cartoon Creepypastas

Written by: Naomi

Trigger Warning: Light mentions of child abuse and neglect

I wanted to pull my favorite shows and some newer shows as well, it is easy to turn older cartoons into creepypastas or have weird theories since these shows were odd, had dark humor, or were already creepy making it easy to spin these tales and ideas. I will keep these theories short since there are so many other sites listing the same thing but I will include what are widely considered the oddest episodes of each show.



Theory: The Babies are Dead

This fan theory is that all the babies in this show are not actually real. Angelica, the oldest of all the toddlers is actually the only real child in this show for a long time and all the other children are actually just figments of her imagination. Chuckie is said to have died with his mother in a car accident, causing his father Chaz to be the nervous wreck he is in the show. When Chaz goes to Paris he meets Kira who is a sex worker who had a child of her own but was taken away since Kira was using drugs. Angelica imagines the baby from Kira’s descriptions. Tommy was a stillborn which is why his father, Stu, is always seen making toys in the show as homage to his son that never lived. The DeVilles had an abortion and and since Angelica didn’t know if it was a boy or girl she created the twins.

This theory explains why even though all the children that are obviously way too young to be talking and going on adventures (ignoring that this is a tv show) can do all the things they do. Angelica had made them all up in her mind so she could have friends, also assuming that all the neighbor kids were her friends. We know that Angelica also has a doll he carried around with her that was destroyed. You would think this is because she couldn't take care of her toys and destroyed it as some children have a tendency to do but some read deeper into this and say she made it that way to remind her of her mother. The reason Angelica has so many issues, according to this theory, is she is a crack baby and her mother had died of an overdose. Angelica’s Cynthia doll is so destroyed and kept in an unwashed dress since it reminds her of the way she remembers her mom. Her father then married a business woman to try and give Angelica a mother figure but she was always too busy to actually be there for Angelica thus making her withdraw further. Angelica has one real friend who is Suzi and tries to entertain Angelica’s imagination but later became a psychologist who worked with Nickelodeon to create Rugrats. The only baby who was not imaginary was Tommy’s brother Dil who was born later and could not talk in the show or follow Angelica’s orders, she could not tell the difference between him and the imaginary babies. Because Dil would not listen to her and would scream or cry she started beating him as an infant and when Stu intervene Dil already had a hemorrhage and became an outcast for the rest of his life which is why he is so strange in the All Grown Up sequel. Apparently the guilt from this was so strong that she starting taking drugs which is why we start to see all the characters again in all grown up but Angelica eventually dies of an overdose and thus the show is canceled.

A/N: My main issue from this theory is that it erases how amazing this show was with the topics it already dealt with in my opinion. Like to my memory all of them were good parents; Chaz was a single father who missed his wife but remembered her fondly and wanted his son to remember her as well, and Kira was a single mother who was successful and later became a business owner. Angelica’s Mother was a business woman who liked working which is something I don't really ever see in shows and Tommie's grandfather lives with his family rather than be sent away which i very much value with my culture.

Rugrats has been on the air since 1991 making it 28 years old and has 172 episodes. Some of the weird episodes I found were:

  • Big Boy: This episode actually talks about miscarriage - Angelica finds out her mom is having a baby boy and has nightmares that this baby will take over their lives with the nightmare ending in her being eaten by this baby.

  • Chuckie vs The Potty: Chucky dreams he is on death row since he is so afraid of being potty trained. The twins are police officers, Angelica is dressed up like a medieval executioner and Tommy is a priest but Chucky is in a grungy jail cell before he is sent to the potty electric chair for death.

  • Ruthless Tommy: Tommy is kidnapped by two creepy men from his front step because they thought he was the son of billionaire Ronald Thrump. The men return him home when Tommy wont stop crying.

  • Special Delivery: Tommy gets mistaken for a piece of mail when playing in a box and is taken to the postal office. When in the mail chute Tommy finds a dead body.

  • Chuckie's wonderful life: Angelica bullies Chucky so badly and tells him the world would be better without him causing him to run away but a guardian angel shows Chuckie what the world would be like without him including Chuckie's dad is going through a major depressive episode and starts talking to a sock puppet, his friends becoming delinquents, and Angelica becoming a slave driver.


Theory: Starvation

This theory is that everything happening to Garfield is actually a hallucination caused by starvation since he was a stray in an abandoned house, using his memories to keep him happy in his last weeks. Garfield started in 1978 making the comic strip 41 years old. The comic strip in particular that supports this theory came out in October 1989 titled Garfield Alone. It was a Halloween comic that went over the length of 6 days where Garfield finds out he is alone, abandoned, and that denial through imagination would be the only way out.


Theory: Deadly Sins

A straight forward theory that the seven main characters of SpongeBob are all deadly sins:

  • Sloth: Patrick, who is obviously lazy.

  • Wrath: Squidward, who is constantly in a bad mood and hates pretty much everything.

  • Greed: Mr. Krabs is blatantly greedy and money driven.

  • Envy: Plankton envies Mr. Krabs’ success as his business, The Chum Bucket, fails miserably.

  • Gluttony: Gary eats a lot. There’s a regularly spoken phrase, “Don’t forget to feed Gary” that supports this. Other sources say Mrs.Puff is gluttony

  • Pride: Sandy is a proud Texan who vocalizes that often.

  • Lust: SpongeBob is overly friendly with people, and appears to love everyone, even if that feeling isn’t reciprocated. Once again other sources also site Pearl as lust since she is a teen girl.

Theory: Drug Addictions

This theory birthed a parody called SpongeBong Hemp Pants and offers that each character represented different drug use or addiction (A/N: This theory is very silly just have fun reading it):

  • Shrooms: SpongeBob's wild imagination,and happy demeanor are compared to the affects of tripping on shrooms and the euphoria that is experienced. SpongeBob's mood swings from extreme happiness to despair or fear are attributed to it being a good or bad trip.

  • Medical cocaine: Cocaine users can be irritable and paranoid matching the characteristics of Mr. Krabs and Mrs.Puff. Mr. Krabs is paranoid about his secret formula and is irritable about money. Mrs. Puff is visibly irritable when she is around SpongeBob and has PTSD-like paranoia about crashing a boat.

  • Medical heroin: Heroin users also experience behavioral changes that are similar to those of Squidward such as lying, deception, bad work performance, moody, and upset.

  • Medical marijuana: Patrick is laid-back, relatively positive, and eats often, all common in marijuana users.

Theory: Nuclear Testing

A/N: This theory is my personal favorite of the SpongeBob theories.

The most believable theory is that SpongeBob is the product of nuclear testing and Bikini Bottom is actually located under the Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean that during the cold war era was the site of 23 nuclear tests with 67 nuclear weapons by the US between 1946 and 1958. There was even a detonation on Bikini Atoll known as “Bravo” that created an explosion equivalent to 1,000 Hiroshima-sized bombs. The government relocated the inhabitants of this island to another island but this caused them to starve since there was not adequate food for them, inhabitants cannot return home now due to the radiation contamination. The theory states that Bikini Bottom is below the Bikini Atoll and that all the characters are fish mutated by the radiation.

Tom Kenny who voiced SpongeBob answered his feelings on these theories and said in his own opinion that Bikini Bottom acts as its own planet but his favorite theory is that the characters represent sins.

SpongeBob SquarePants started in 1999 and there is the infamous supposed lost episode of Squidward's Suicide, but there are other very creepy episodes from this show that can still be found:

  • Rock Bottom: SpongeBob is trapped in Rock Bottom and keeps missing the bus in the foreign town.

  • Are you happy now?: This is a newer episode that is similar to the lost episode Squidward's Suicide. Squidward realizes he has no happy memory and stays inside his home terribly depressed, at one point he can be seen throwing a rope up over a bar and says “maybe this will help" and it looks like he is going to hang himself but actually just hangs a birdcage. IN this episode it is noted he says, “Wake me up when i am dead”.

  • Nasty Patty: SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs hide the body of a health inspector that they think they killed.


Theory: Purgatory

A/N:Now my favorite show when i was a kid was Ed, Edd, n Eddy. And as a teenager I was a fan of this theory!

This theory offers that the show Ed, Edd n Eddy takes place in purgatory for children thus why there are no adults and everything takes place in their cul-de-sac or school. All the children are dead having died at different time periods and arriving in the cul-de-sac as they die. Proof people give for this theory is that all of the characters in Ed, Edd, n Eddy have odd colored tongues and after death tongues do have a tendency to turn a blush color. That for a while they were in an endless summer before in later seasons starting school and even then it is hard to tell what era they are actually in. The show started in 1999 so it would make sense to take place in the same time but there are references to the show taking place at a different time like a few banners at the school.

Surrounding the cul-de-sac is a thick forest that is scary for any of the kids to go into which supposedly is to keep them in their purgatory. The order in which the children showed up is as follows:

Rolf arrived first from the early 1900’s after His family had moved to to the area that would later become the cul-de-sac to establish a farm but Rolf died in 1903 when the farm animals stampeded and trampled him. Which is why he only has a few animals in the afterlife to avoid his fear of being stampeded again.

Johnny showed up not too long after Rolf's death, dying in 1922 after fighting a long battle with tuberculosis, 6 years before the discovery of penicillin. Johnny is said to have had no friends because of his disease so he created Plank. He took his friend, Plank, with him in the afterlife since he was the last thing that he saw in life before he died. Purgatory would also explain how Plank is sometimes sentient. (A/N: I am not sure how they put tuberculosis on him I personally think that based off his personality he died by accident)

Eddy came next during the Great Depression era. Because he lived in poverty he is always trying to swindle money out of the kids in purgatory. He never had a father figure since his real father abandoned he and his mother shortly after he was born so he looks up to his big brother. One of his schemes to get money in life went bad and he jumped into the lake to hide from those trying to catch him but he drowned.

Ed and Sarah were the next to arrive to the cul-de-sac. Their father had died fighting in WWII, and as a result their mother became distant and disconnected. To cope, Sarah developed her bossy attitude, trying to fill the role their parents used to fill, before their father died and their mother stopped caring. Conversely, Ed shut the world out and delved into the fantasy worlds of comic books and monster movies, which exploded in popularity during and after WWII, in order to escape his unhappy life. They both died in a freak car accident in 1953, thus joining the past kids in death. There is another version of this though saying that their parents were hippies and were self absorbed so they did not pay attention to their kids which is why Sarah is stuck up and Ed takes after his parents a little more and was more imaginative.

Nazz was given the short stick in this theory, she was born in the 1960's era to hippie parents. Described as a flower child, she was a rather flirtatious young girl who would always seek attention from the male children of the neighborhood. In the summer of '79, a serial killer escaped from a local asylum, made his way into her house, and raped and murdered her along with her entire family.

Edd/Double D was born in the 70's when preparing to attend college from a young age became the norm. Double D was raised by strict, controlling, and distant parents. They pushed him to succeed academically, and to be clean and neat. He is believed to have died as a result of a gas leak causing an explosion with the bunsen burner from his chemistry set.

Kevin was born the day Double D died (A/N: I'm not sure how they figured this out). He was born to an abusive father and his mother who passed away when he was a year old. Because of his situation at home, Kevin would bully the other children of the cul-de-sac to cope with his repressed anger for his home life. His fascination with his bike fits in with the suddenly popular X-Games in 1995. One night in the winter of '99, his father fatally beat him in a fit of drunken rage, he died while he was on his way to the hospital. His father was then convicted of his murder, and he was sentenced to life in prison. When Kevin entered into the afterlife, he re-imagined his father as loving and that he would shower him in gifts. He still kept his bullying ways in the afterlife, however.

Jimmy was the last child to enter into the cul-de-sac. He was born in the 1990's, and was diagnosed with leukemia (which is why he is sickliest and more yellow colored of the kids). He has never associated himself with the other cul-de-sac children because his parents believed he was too frail to be around the other kids; he remained bed-ridden for the remainder of his life because of this fact. After fighting a difficult battle with his leukemia, Jimmy eventually succumbed to his illness, and soon the cul-de-sac purgatory was complete.

The Kankers were different from the other neighborhood children. It is believed that they are actually demons that were sent to the cul-de-sac to torment the souls of the remaining children who didn't cross over to Heaven since they live on the other side of the forest all the children are afraid of. The Kankers are the only characters with normal-colored tongues, which would seem to indicate that they are not dead, and that therefore, they must be something different.


Theory: The Sayama Incident

This theory leads us back into our true crime roots, My Neighbor Totoro could be based off an actual crime. This crime is known as the Sayama Incident. This incident took place in 1963 when a 16 year old girl named Yoshie Nakata was kidnapped on her way home from school. That night a ransom note was delivered to her home asking for money, an amount that was equal to only $556 today, to be delivered to a location. The girls sister delivered fake money to the location with police near by. The man spoke to her shortly but knew something was wrong and ran away before the police could capture him.

A few days later the 16 year old's body was found, she had been sexually assaulted then buried in an alley of a farm. The media shamed police for their failure to save the girl since they also failed to solve a kidnapping a month earlier as well. After some investigation the police were believed to have found the killer but the day before his wedding he commit suicide; he had the same blood type as the suspect they were looking for but when they discovered he had erectile dysfunction they decided there was “no way he could be the rapist.”

Later they did find the correct man - a 24 year old who confessed to the murder after a few days in custody. A lot of people feel the police were holding him hostage and feeding him information so they could make him take a plea bargain. He later appealed saying he did not commit the crime and asked for a lower sentence since he had been given the death sentence. He was finally put on parole and released in 1994. The older sister later commit suicide because of her sisters death.

In My Neighbor Totoro the sisters in the movie have names that relate to the month of May, the month the girl was kidnapped, Satsuki means May in Japanese and the other sister was named Mei. The film also takes place in a farm area near Sayama and Sayama can be seen written on boxes of tea in the movie.

In the movie the younger sister goes missing and the older sister asks for the help of the Totoros to help her find her sister. When we see the younger sister she is crying by some statues that are called Jizō statues and are the protectors of those who die at a young age.

When the older sister is taken to the Catbus to find where her sister is the sign also marks that they are on “Grave Road”, her older sister following her to the after life.

In the movie when they finally get home some people noticed that the girls no longer have shadows. Some say this was the animation studio being lazy ( A/N: Anyone who has ever watched a Studio Ghibli movie will know that that is a bullshit) response because of how much detail they already put in that is so unnecessary that just deciding not to do shadows is not like them. That is the walk in the park part for them. The more likely part of this theory is that they are now together in the after life

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